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Review: Sleeping Dogs

If you had told me last gen that Square-Enix would be the publisher of some of the best Western-developed games of this generation, I would have laughed.  But here we are with yet another Square-Enix published title that’s better… Continue reading

Fall 2012 Gaming Preview

This Fall is a little slimmer than it looked a few months ago thanks to a lot of the big name games getting pushed back to next year. Still, there will be plenty to keep you busy as the weather starts to cool. Here's a list of the most prominent titles coming, according to yours truly. I've also included my personal assessment of each game along with my interest level for them. Don't see any 3DS exclusives? I don't have one, and am therefore completely clueless as to what they are. Don't see any Wii exclusvies? Are there any?
Continue reading

There’s No Such Thing As “Free Paper Towels”

Recently, a salesman came to my door holding a roll of paper towels. It was early one Saturday morning, and I guess I wasn’t fully awake yet because I actually opened the door for him – something I normally wouldn’t… Continue reading

Generation Gap

It seems lately that everyone keeps telling me that I should be upset that this generation of consoles has lasted so long. Every publisher is ticked about it, and everyone in the press says we need new consoles NOW. Problem… Continue reading

Review: Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition

Let’s get this out of the way up front: Dead Island was no one’s game of the year. Containing the original game released in the Fall of 2011 and all of its DLC, a more appropriate title for this set… Continue reading