June 2021
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3 To The D

This past weekend, I did what I thought I’d never do – I went 3D.  I can partially blame my wife – her monitor went out, and I was looking for her a new one.  Best Buy is also to blame, they put the Sony Playstation 3D Display on sale for $160.  But of course my weakness for gadgets is probably the biggest culprit here.  Whatever the case, I came home with a shiny new 24″ 3D display, and my wife got the monitor I was using.

Super Stardust HD

Now imagine all of this IN YOUR FACE!

Upon first setting it up I was impressed with just the regular 2D visuals – my PC looked great on it, as did the PS3.  It actually took me a bit to tryout the 3D – I was adjusting the settings for my PC, making sure everything looked just right.  I kept looking sidelong at the 3D glasses, almost as if they were a snake.  I knew I was going to have to try them out eventually so finally I updated my copy of Super Stardust HD & booted it up.  I’ll be honest, I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed.

I was not.

Wipeout Fury HD


Stardust was even prettier than it had already been – the curve of the globe stretched out of the monitor and pieces of meteor flipped towards me.  Even death wasn’t so bad, because the ensuing explosion of my ship was truly something to see.  I was hooked.  Next, I fired up Wipeout HD and marveled as the breakneck-pace of the racing seemed even more intense with the added depth that 3D provided.  I haven’t tried out a ton of titles yet, but of the ones I have tried only one disappointed and that’s the Sly Cooper Collection – which is reasonable, because we’re talking about a 3D conversion of what were originally PS2 games.

So do I think everything should be 3D now?  No, but I definitely see it as something that can add to certain games.  The problem has always been price, and it’s a shame that a clearance had to happen to provide the price I thought it should be.  Especially since it seems Sony is backing away from 3D support now.  Still, if anyone wants a cheap way to try out 3D gaming, this would be the time to act.

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