September 2022
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Preview: Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl

My first RPG – I mean my first ever honest-to-God 100% electronic RPG – was The Bard’s Tale on the Commodore 64.  Yes, that would mean I am old.  Back then The Bard’s Tale was one of… Continue reading

Fall 2013 Gaming Preview

Well it’s that time again.  A year ago this week I posted my Fall 2012 Gaming Preview.  Last year was a relatively light year for releases.  Apparently, it was the calm before the storm because this year… Continue reading

Preview: Resident Evil 6

“I’m told this is a video game.”

Conan O’Brien reviews games. He doesn’t do it that well, since he knows nothing about games, but it’s pretty funny to watch which is the whole point. Usually, that’s all I get from… Continue reading

Fall 2012 Gaming Preview

This Fall is a little slimmer than it looked a few months ago thanks to a lot of the big name games getting pushed back to next year. Still, there will be plenty to keep you busy as the weather starts to cool. Here's a list of the most prominent titles coming, according to yours truly. I've also included my personal assessment of each game along with my interest level for them. Don't see any 3DS exclusives? I don't have one, and am therefore completely clueless as to what they are. Don't see any Wii exclusvies? Are there any?
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