June 2021
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Generation Gap

It seems lately that everyone keeps telling me that I should be upset that this generation of consoles has lasted so long. Every publisher is ticked about it, and everyone in the press says we need new consoles NOW. Problem is, from a gamer’s standpoint, I can’t figure out why.


Dishonored – not 2 years away, 2 months

The end of a console’s cycle is possibly the best time for games on that platform. Developers have a firm understanding of the hardware at this point and can crank out some amazing games. And those games are coming fast – this Fall through next Spring is wall-to-wall AAA-game releases. Plus all of the current systems have a huge library of games built up at this point. It’s safe to say that most people haven’t played through everything worth playing this gen. And those older games? Pretty cheap these days. Heck, new release titles aren’t holding their retail prices very long either.

Nintendo, of course, has made themselves immune to this discussion since it can easily be argued that the Wii was already a generation behind in technology when it released. The Wii-U is basically them playing catch-up to this generation. But at the same time, maybe they’ve realized that the current graphic standards are more than adequate? I mean, have you looked at recent games? They still look phenomenal, and while it’s silly to say that there’s no room for improvement does anyone really think we’ll see a jump next gen on the same scale as when we went from PS2/Xbox to PS3/360? Personally, I doubt it.

Lair screenshot

Lair – yes, I was guilty of pretending this game was good

The primary reason I’m not looking forward to the start of a new hardware cycle is far more basic: I like games. I enjoy playing games, and I enjoy games being released that are fun to play. At the start of any new gaming generation, you typically get 1-3 “good” games at the launch of the hardware – and even those often skate by on their “gee whiz” factor more than anything else. Then there’s a huge drought waiting for something else – ANYTHING else. This drought causes people to do crazy things, like purchase Lair and then claim it’s actually good. Who in their right minds wants that?

I’ll stick with the current gen for now, thankyouverymuch. I’m sure that new hardware is inevitable, and I’m sure once it’s here and out of its growing pains, it will be great. But I’m all for enjoying what we have now, and what we have is an awesome slate of games both here now & on the way over the next several months. That’s more than enough for me.

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