November 2022
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Review: FEZ

My wife has graciously written me a review of her latest video game addiction, FEZ.  Enjoy!

Oh my gosh, FEZ!

Oh my gosh, FEZ, you guys!

There is nothing to NOT like about this indie game!  If you like puzzles, and a different take on “side scrolling”, then you need to check out this game!

Having downloaded this on the 360 from my husband’s account, I was completely addicted from the beginning.

The Look

From the start, it’s an enchanting world.  You play as Gomez, a little man made from marshmallow fluff and a baby’s first smile.  He leaps about a square-decorated environment, full of bright colors, talking with other marshmallow fluffs in his village.

And then, he gets his hat.  (One guess as to the kind of hat it is.)

Getting the hat is the beginning of all Gomez’s adventures.  Suddenly, the world changes from just a 2D side scroller to a 3D masterpiece, full of color, high jumps, and lost, yellow cubes.

And then there’s Gomez’s happiness, something so adorable that it’s what first drew me to the game. When he first receives his hat, and from then on whenever he completes a cube, he will leap into the air, arms outstretched, to express his glee.


First seeing that in passing on a review, I knew I would have to play this game.

The Play

It’s simple:  You leap around a 3D environment, going in and out of rooms and levels, until you find all the yellow blocks and other treasures you can.  That, in and of itself, is the entire goal.  And honestly, it doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.  It’s simple and easy to learn, but other challenges along the way quickly make it clear that it takes a much longer time to master.

For there are treasures hidden in that world, things that I never even knew could be put into a game.  Treasure that will keep me playing until the cows come home!


The Negatives

Sadly, every game has its downside.  FEZ, as far as I’m aware, only has one:  The Waterfall Level.

I had been playing on the 360 for about two weeks….and then made the mistake of saving on The Waterfall Level.

Don’t save on The Waterfall Level if you are playing on the 360.  Don’t even try to re-enter The Waterfall Level on the 360.  Like me, you will have to start all over.  And, like me, you’ll find yourself stuck there…again…and again…

Needless to say, it’s a bug.  Unfortunately, it’s a bug that Phil Fish (FEZ’s creator and engineer) can’t afford to fix on the 360 version.  (Seriously, Microsoft?  $40,000 to fix one little bug?)

Far as I know, however, this is the one and only thing wrong with FEZ.  That, and that it needs to be offered in the next Humble Bundle, so that I can keep looking for cubes, nega-cubes, keys, and artifacts.

The Overall

If you enjoy exploring interesting environments….

If you have an affinity for anything super-duper adorable….

If you can acquire it on anything other than the 360….

Then I highly recommend this game!

~L. A.~


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