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Review: The World Of Goo

I’ve been a bit under-the-weather this week, so I’ve enlisted the lovely Mrs. Argyle to write this week’s post – enjoy!  -argyle

I don’t want to sound like an advertisement for this game, so let me just say straight-up that I haven’t been paid in any way, shape, or form for this review.

Unless you count “pure bliss” as currency, that is!

The World of Goo was recommended to me by my husband, who is ever on the cutting edge of mobile app gaming. Or, at least, keeps up with it far more than I do.

I generally do not have patience for most app-y games. Most of the time, they seem to be time-wasters of the Spider Solitaire or Triple Town variety. I play them when I’m particularly bored, and waiting in line for something. Even ones deemed awesome by the Angry Birds crowd tend to get a pass by me; as a writer, I need more than just “My eggs were stolen by pigs” or “Build a kingdom and kill the bears”. I need substance, man! Give me a reason to play!

With TWOG, I’ve found substance that’s both goo-ey and delicious!

The essence of the game is this: In each chapter and level, use the goo balls to create towers, lines, and boxes joined together in sticky, Lego-like form to reach the pipe. Oh, and you have to cross caverns, curve over spinning blades, and avoid spikey traps. Don’t worry though; if you mess up, you can either click one of the flittering white fluffs to go back a move (henceforth known as Time Bugs), or you can restart the entire level. And, through it all, the Sign Painter leaves cryptic messages. Messages that may or may not contain good advice. Or even make sense It’s entirely possible that the Sign Painter’s only goal is to egg the player on through cryptic, goo-related insight.

World of Goo - 2

Pictured: Invaluable insight and advice from TSP.

However, this game isn’t for the impatient. In the same way that it takes a lot of patience and use of logic to play Catherine, so it is with this game. Unless you’re a logic savant, you will find yourself starting the same levels over (and over and over..) before the solution presents itself. Or, at least that was with me and my rather illogical brain processes.

If you’re like me, and you enjoy a cute challenge that doesn’t demand you memorize complex formulas or plan 20 moves ahead, then give it a try! If, however, you’re one of those geniuses I mentioned earlier and need a bit of a challenge, do not fear; the OCD challenges await you!

The OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) challenges are things I did not dare test my rather strained patience with the first time around; they are truly for the gifted! Different for each level, they may challenge you to complete a puzzle in three moves, or only use a certain amount of goo balls, or finish within a limited amount of time, or not use any Time Bugs. (There’s no timer for this game, however; the game wishes for you to keep up with that yourself!)

While the challenges themselves are entertaining, there is also something to be said for the sheer cuteness of the game. Not only are the goo balls animated, but they’re alive! As in they have eyeballs and voices, and enjoy being used.

World of Goo - 1

“Gah, I can’t resist those eyes! The needy, needy eyes!”

Throughout it all, a story of some import seems to be going on in the background. There is a feeling of extreme importance behind each successfully-won level. With four chapters plus epilogue, each chapter containing several levels, I ended it feeling as if I could do it all over again. Thus, with its super-cute graphics, quirky characters, and fun puzzles, I’m surprised I never heard of this game before now! (Oh, I didn’t mention that before? Yeah; this game came out in 2009.)

If you’ve got a couple of bucks to spend, and tend to enjoy logic puzzles, I definitely recommend checking this one out!


The Sign Painter’s Apprentice.)

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