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The Grind – July 11, 2013

There’s a lot to talk about, so I guess it’s time to get back to The Grind!

Muramasa-rebirthI’ve been playing a lot of Muramasa: Rebirth on the Vita lately.  I got the first ending with both characters, then immediately started working towards the second ending.  Realistically, this game shouldn’t be as fun as it is – it’s unquestionably gorgeous, but the gameplay itself is a relatively simple side-scrolling beat-em-up.  Plus there’s a lot of backtracking.  So why can’t I quit playing it?  I don’t have a clue, but I’d definitely recommend any Vita owners who are fans of the genre give it a go.

r&c-nexusEvery time I think I’m out, Insomniac pulls me back in.  I was a bit down on them after the two spin-off R&C games.  I still haven’t played All 4 One, so I have no comment on the quality of that but what I played of Full Frontal Assault was not good.  Overall, I just didn’t like that they were getting so far away from the core R&C experience.  Then they released Fuse.  Even tho I personally enjoyed the demo, the game did not review well so I decided to pass on it.  Finally, they announced a game at E3 – Sunset Overdrive – that will be a Xbox One exclusive published by Microsoft.  What happened, guys?  So just as I’m about ready to give up on them I decided to pickup a used copy of Fuse using a birthday coupon I received from Gamestop, and it’s pretty good.  So far, at least – I’m still early in, so this isn’t a final review by a long shot.  But still, I wasn’t thrilled about the way the company appeared to be going.  So last night what did they do?  They announced a true non-spinoff Ratchet & Clank game called Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, for the PS3.  And it will retail for only $30.  So MAYBE they’re not completely going off the rails – but I have my eye on them!

ffxiiI’ve booted up another game recently, this one is a game that’s around 7 years old now – Final Fantasy XII.  Thanks to the incredible PS2 emulator on the PC, I’m running it in high definition AND I’m able to invert the camera controls to work how I’m used to – something that isn’t possible inside the game itself.  Running the game like this you’re really able to appreciate all the effort that went into the look of the game.  It holds up surprisingly well visually, and is a lot of fun on top of it all.  I hope to get back to it this weekend & put some more time in.  I’m at about the 8 hour mark now, and I’m almost at the point where I stopped playing back in the PS2 days (for reasons I can’t remember – something else probably came along and distracted me).

RyanDavisFinally, I wanted to join the rest of the gaming side of the internet this week in saying goodbye to Ryan Davis of Giant Bomb.  He passed away on the 3rd at the age of only 34, just a few days after his wedding.  While I didn’t know him personally, after listening to him on the Giant Bombcast nearly every week for the past 3 years or so, I almost felt like I did.  He was one of the greats in gaming journalism, and to hear anyone talk who knew him personally just an all-around great guy.  He’ll be missed.

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