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The Grind – May 10, 2013

Are you ready?  Because I am – let’s do this!

deadly_premonitionDeadly Premonition: Director’s Cut, which I picked up this week, is completely insane.  Just off the rails crazy.  It’s the video game equivalent of a bad movie.  We’re talking Plan 9 From Outer Space: The Game here.  The acting is horrible, the story is extremely bizarre and much of the game is unintentionally hilarious.  So you’ll either appreciate all of those things and love this game, or you’ll think it’s garbage and hate it.

If I had to summarize the plot up to where I am right now – the end of the prologue chapter – then it would be like this:  A schizophrenic man who thinks he’s in the FBI has a car crash and proceeds to kill a ton of innocent hillbillies until he finally stumbles onto the road and finds the sheriff – who is unaware of the mass murder he has just committed.  This summary is likely completely wrong, but please don’t tell me if it is – I’m loving my version of the story so far.

The Director’s Cut version is an enhanced port of the 360 original which was released back in 2010.  The primary change has been to the controls.  Although I never personally played the 360 version, all reports say the controls were clunky at best.  So far, the PS3 version has controlled as you would expect a 3rd person action/adventure game to.  The port also supposedly includes improved visuals – but don’t expect it to win any beauty contests – and some added content, as well as a few other minor tweaks.  So if you’re interested and have the choice, the PS3 version seems to be the one to play.

fuseI hate Insomniac Games.  Everything I’ve seen about Fuse, their upcoming co-op focused shooter which will also be their first multi-platform game, has looked completely unappealing to me.  Co-op focused probably means crappy AI partners if I try to play solo, and the screenshots I’ve looked at in passing have made the game look like a fairly standard military shooter anyway.  So good then, I can just ignore this one, one less game to worry about…right?  Well, they put up a demo this week and me being such a big fan of theirs I had to at least try that out.  So last night I tried it out both solo and co-op with a friend of mine.

It doesn’t suck.  That’s an understatement.  It’s really, really good.  The AI seems more than competent from what I played, but even better is the fact that you don’t just choose one character at the beginning of the game and play through it all with him.  You can swap characters at any time simply by holding down the Select button.  And with weapons that make enemies explode into black holes, turn them into crystal or just create a mobile shield that reflects bullets back to them, this is hardly a standard military game.  Rather, the game is decidedly sci-fi having you fight futuristic soldiers and mechs, and this is just in the demo.

Well surely it doesn’t hold up to the normal graphical standards of other Insomniac games since it’s a multi-platform title, right?  No, wrong again – the game is absolutely gorgeous and runs silky-smooth, on the PS3 at least.  And the normal Insomniac sheen I’ve come to expect from them with a beautifully elegant menu system and HUD is there as well.  Throw in leveling up with character-specific skill trees that enhance each characters’ weapon specialties and some well done voice acting complete with a nice dose of humor, and you have a game I absolutely cannot ignore.  So thanks a lot Insomniac, you couldn’t just NOT be awesome for one game, could you??

Oh, and you’re making a Ratchet & Clank CG movie that’s due out in theaters in 2015 as well???  That’s just not even fair!

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