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Top 5 Things I’d Like To See From E3 2013

E3, the event that has become something of a holiday for gamers, is only a few days away as I write this.  This year’s event promises to be one of the biggest ones in quite a while due to the fact that both Sony and Microsoft are releasing new systems this year.  We can all expect more details on these already revealed systems and perhaps more importantly, tons of game announcements for them.  So here are the top 5 things I would personally like to see from the show:

#5 – Fallout 4


It’s been almost 2 years since the release of Skyrim, and it’s a safe bet that Bethesda had a team working on something even before that was completed.  They revealed a couple of months ago that all of the Skyrim DLC is out and now their teams are fully focused on their next project.  There have been signs that this very well could be a new game in the Fallout series, and I’m hoping that’s exactly what it is.  A new game in the series released on next-gen hardware would be something pretty much everyone could get behind.

#4 – Naughty Dog’s PS4 Project


Yeah, I know, The Last of Us isn’t even out yet (it releases next Friday) and I’m already asking “What’s next?”.  But I’m a gamer, and we’re a notoriously greedy lot.  The fact is, Naughty Dog is not a one-game studio.  There’s no doubt they’ve been working on something for the next gen, and I want to know what.  Pretty much anything they could announce would be awesome, whether it’s a new Uncharted or even Jak & Daxter game or something brand new.  They’re also Sony’s star first-party dev right now and a new game from them on the new system will definitely help build excitement for their new hardware.  Just announce something and show us a little footage.  I’m ready to be wow’d.

#3 – Release Dates & Prices For The Two New Systems


In a perfect world, I’d love for both Microsoft and Sony to lay all their cards on the table next week.  There are still tons of questions swirling about both of the new systems, and it’s a safe bet that they will not all be answered next week.  But at the very least, I’m really hoping for release dates and prices.  Let me know how much I need to squirrel away for my new fix.

#2 – Vita!  Vita!  Vita!


The reports of the Vita’s death have been greatly exaggerated.  I know, I’ve been playing mine lately and having a blast with it, and there are several upcoming games for it that I’m looking forward to.  Still, it could definitely use some more love from Sony.  The announcement last week that all PS4 games (except for those requiring special peripherals) will support remote play on the Vita was a good start and shows that Sony hasn’t forgotten about their handheld.  Now I want to see new game announcements and a price drop.  And this is a personal dream, but I’d love for them to announce PS2 Classics support for it.  We’re all excited for the PS4 Sony, but don’t let the Vita get lost in the shuffle.

#1 – New IPs


The start of a new console cycle is typically the time when we get a big influx of new IPs.  It’s started already with original games such as Watch_Dogs and Destiny having been announced for the next generation systems.  But I want more.  An original game from Nintendo would be a fantastic start.  How about Rocksteady?  Since they aren’t the ones developing Batman Origins, is it possible they’re doing something brand-new?  Is it too soon for Ken Levine, the man behind the Bioshock series, to announce his new project?  What about first-party Sony & Microsoft?  Surprise us, guys!


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